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You always like to think your audiology practice is doing well with minimal mistakes in billing. It wasn’t until we began working with Mednorth that we realized our practice was missing key components to bill succesfully. In less than 6 months of working with Mednorth we’ve created and established efficient and streamlined billing processes and the results have been well worth the investment. In addition to streamlined billing the Mednorth staff is friendly, timely and always willing to find answers. I highly recommend Mednorth.

Ohio Audiology practice

I am a psychiatrist and have been using Med North as my billing company since 2001. Med North makes every effort to collect every penny, no matter how small the balance. With mental health “managed care” companies, psychiatric billing/collecting is one of the most difficult. Med North sticks with it and we all learn from their experience. Specifically, I like the personal service. I have met Dan and Cindy personally and they always remember who I am, and the names of my secretaries (even the part-time fill-in ones). They have a sense of humor, and are always professional. Anybody who needs a billing company would benefit from Med North’s services. If Med North isn’t sure how to handle a claim, they will find out, and free up our time to do other things. The billing company I had before Med North was a nightmare. There is no comparison between them and Med North. Every past problem we had with billing was solved when we switched to Med North. Med North charges me less than the previous company, collects more, and is more efficient in their billing and collecting. Prompt? I would say our billing goes out almost immediately. It couldn’t go out any faster if they were sitting right there in my office.

Iowa Psychiatrists

I am writing this letter to you to commend you for the high level of service that you have provided to me in my psychology practice for the past several years. It is very important to me, whenever I have a question, to be able to talk to either of you or a staff member that physically handles my work and be able to get the immediate answers to my questions. It is also important for me to feel comfortable as I am, with the fact that I can rely on your services, and especially the follow-through whenever there is a question. Reports are clear, concise and usable. I no longer have to be concerned with the billing side of my practice. Thank you for your excellent service.

Minnesota Psychologist

My clinic has been contracted with Med North Medical Billing Service since May 1, 2000 for all of our chiropractic claims billing. I have found them to be a very effective billing service and I am happy to continue my affilitation with Dan and Cindy and their Staff. They are all very prompt with their reports, efficient with their billing practices and very courteous to our patients with any questions that they may have regarding their bills. As we are all aware, chiropractic billing is different and continues to be very limited in our areas of billing and coding in Minnesota. Med North Staff has a good managing understanding of these special billing problems. I would recommend Med North as a chiropractic billing service. We have a very busy office with 2 doctors and 4 staff members who work 6 days a week and we have found that they can handle the billing with ease.

Minnesota Chiropractic Office

After filing insurance claims in the office and not getting paid on a large portion of them, we hired Med North Medical Billing and are now getting paid with no rejections. We are immensely happy with the results and highly recommend them.

Chiropractic Office

I am a physician and have been in the practice of pathology for thirty five years. Approximately five years ago I changed billing services and entered into an agreement with Med North. I have never regretted the fact that I switched. The service I received has been prompt, accurate, and relieved me of the hassles and frustrations of the financial side of my practice to concentrate on what I have been trained to do. I would highly recommend Med North to anyone in need of an excellent medical billing service.

Minnesota Pathologist

Med North has been doing my medical practice billing since 1993. I have been pleased with the way Cindy and Daniel were able to significantly increase my medical collections, as well as obtaining payments for medical services I provided that were long past due and deemed uncollectable according to my previous billing service. I like Cindy and Daniel’s professional manner and their responsible attitude to my concerns and questions. I would recommend Med North as an excellent billing service for any medical practice.

Minnesota Anesthologist