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Calculation of MNCare tax

  • We calculate the MNCare Tax for practices in Minnesota that are subject to the healthcare tax. We are not tax experts, and these reports need to be reviewed by a competent tax professional. However, our reports have been audited by the state on several occasions. We have never had any inaccuracy concerning our MNCare tax reports.

Benefit verification App

  • Benefit verification App is the repository of a patient’s insurance plan benefits details. The insurance plan the patient is enrolled, in-network and out of network benefits, eligibility criterions for various ailments, co-pay & co-insurance details, various deductibles, deductibles already met and remaining, any pre-authorization requirements etc., of the patient are updated by an Eligibility specialist in the tool, after careful investigation on web and over phone.

Denial management App

  • When a claim is denied by the insurance company, the denial need to be followed up with substantive evidence to take up the case with insurance company for resubmission. There are likely chances of the denied claim slipping through the crack, as every ERA and EOB might contain several paid claims and a few denied claims. This tool helps documenting each and every denied claim, and the follow-up actions and comments, till the denial is brought to a logical end.

Practice analytics App

  • The anxious part of outsourcing any service is, keeping a tab of the metrics. Albeit the trust placed on outsourced partner, a nagging feeling on the health of account could lead to sleepless nights. Our transparent business model, helps you monitor all the relevant metrics of the practice with a few clicks. Our Web based Practice analytics App helps you accomplish this. In addition to the weekly and monthly reports we provide, you can generate your own graphical reports anytime you wish, using this tool. Trend in monthly charges, monthly payments, velocity of claim submission and payments, provider and procedure contribution, aging buckets, practice performance snapshot, are a few interesting features of the App.

EMR independent medical billing

  • The market is flooded with hundreds of EMR/EHR applications. Medical practitioners select them based on the customized options that are relevant to their branch of practice. This leads to chaotic situation for any billing service provider, but not to us. Our years of service in the industry has bestowed us with the unmatched work force who are well versed with each of such applications. Versatility of our specialists is the key for our ability to mitigate the complexity of plethora of applications and build an agile business model. We reduce your overheads by using our own Practice Management application and Clearinghouse to perform the billing activity, while the Physician has the liberty to choose the EMR/EHR of their choice.

Credentialing App

  • Doctors need to be registered with Insurance company (credentialled) initially to be in-network and further need to be recredentialled in predetermined frequency based on the payors. This process involves submission of various forms, resume & certificates, and registration with CAQH, and more importantly constant follow up is required with the Insurance case manager until the credential process is completed. This entire process flow is managed through the tool, with all the communication logged, forms and documents saved, and reminders and follow-up dates configured. This app helps a smooth credentialing process with defined roadmap and expectations, without a chance of the provider being dropped out of the network.

Specialty oriented solutions

  • Though we work with multiple specialties of medical practice, we specialize in each of those domains by training and delegating out specialists in domain specific billing. This enables the specialists to become experts in their own domain and ensures they offer rapid, yet accurate services to you. Our specialists are thus equipped with unmatched domain specific knowledge on regulatory and federal requirements and related standard codes. A few specialties that we have mastered are Mental Health, Substance use disorders, Audiology, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Internal medicine, Sleep Medicine, Ophthalmology and Cardiology.

Regulations compliant services

  • Each medical practice domain is governed by many regulatory and federal bodies. The regulations keep changing dynamically to suit the ever- changing socio, technical requirements. Our experts keep a constant tab on the amendments made in rules and regulations and the repository of knowledge bank is updated and made available for reference of each specialist. Constant training on the domain specific requirements is our forte and we synergize this inherent quality for the better service of our clients. A few that we keep tab are HIPAA, CCDTF and DAANES.

Self-sustained business model

  • The revenue cycle of medical practitioner largely depends on how swiftly the claims made are realized despite iterations of submissions with the insurance companies and third-party service providers. The revenue cycle lead time has huge impact on realizing the payments to meet out the business expenses. Our expert service lends you a helping hand in ensuring you get your due on time, every time. Reimbursements from Insurance payors are just 80%, but we do consistent follow-up with various collection methodologies to get patient payments paid on time. We assure you the opportunity cost realized through this process, is good enough to pay our bills.