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Why Should We Use A Billing Service ?

The truth is that maybe you do not need to use a billing service. If you have a good in-house system with competent people, your practice can do just fine. You still have to manage, hire and fire employees and stay on top of changes, but some practices are comfortable with that. You need to have highly motivated and knowledgeable office staff at all times or the bottom line will suffer. It probably will cost you more to go this route, but that is your decision. Is your time best spent with patients or is office management your preference? A good billing service will consistently provide a practice with the best return on their claims without the responsibility, or higher cost associated with an in-house billing system.

Why Should Our Practice Use Med North ?

Med North has proven itself as the last billing service your practice will ever need. We have increased receipts in excess of 20% in some cases at no extra cost to the practice. This often happens after another larger billing service “dropped the ball,” so to speak. Med North is there for the provider who wishes to focus on their specialty, knowing the billing is in the hands of professionals who will go that extra mile to earn their billing business. After all, if we provide excellent service to your practice, you will probably recommend us to others who might need our services.

Will I Have A High Pressure Salesman Calling Me If I Contact Med North ?

Med North lays lesser emphasize on sales strategies. You deal directly with the Operation managers, who will come to your office only at your request to discuss your specific needs. We do not appreciate high-pressure sales tactics, nor do we use them. All we ask is that you are honest with us about your intentions. Our job is to help you make an informed decision regarding your billing needs. We want only satisfied customers, and that requires us to improve your current billing situation. If we cannot see a potential for improvement, we will tell you so, as we have done in the past.

Med North Is A Long Way From Our Office, How Can We User Your Service ?

In this electronic age your physical location becomes unimportant. It is not unusual to deal with businesses across the globe. We will set up the system necessary to assure a smooth operation. Labor costs are low in our region, which allows us to provide better service for the dollar. Our location also assures complete confidentiality of practice and patient information.

How Much Does Your Service Charge ?

It all depends on the specialty and service provided, on the average amount billed and the average amount received, among other things. We normally base our charge on a percentage of receipts. We only get paid when you get paid. What better incentive could you ask for? Our prices are comparable to other billing services, but the results are not. It is somewhat like asking, “How much is a car?” It is difficult to answer without specifics. You supply us with the information needed and we will calculate a price based on that information.

What Specialties Can You Bill For ?

We specialize in: Anesthesiology, Audiology, Laboratory, Mental Health, Chiropractic, Family Medicine, and Clinical billing. We also can bill for many other specialties. Let us know your specialty and we can discuss your options.